Almost two months passed from my first public gig in more than 15 years. Also, 8 days left to the second one. Some of my friends already got used to my new hobby, some probably still ask themselves what the hell is going on with me. At the age of 41, I started to play in bars (meanwhile in one bar, to be accurate, but hopefully we’ll get to the “barS” point). It certainly sounds like the mid-age crisis or, as we call it in Israel, the crisis of the age of 40. It even sounds that I’m one year late, but then I remember something¬†one of my friends told me a few years ago. “You don’t have to be afraid of the age of 40, you went through that crisis when you was 30…” Well, I guess it’s true.

So, what then is this about? I like to say that I finally freed some time for hobbies and it is mostly true. Nevertheless, I think it would be good to give you some background about myself and my involvement in music. I’ll just outline a few things, since this is an introduction post and I’ll reveal more about myself further on down the road.

I always loved music, but you’ll probably say “me too”, so it’s not really an interesting piece of information. I became very passionate about it early, and very passionate in my case means that I was involved in some amateur bands when I was a teenager and then I realised that there are a lot of talented musicians around me and that it would be better for me to give them to do their thing, while I started to work on a radio and later in a newspaper as a blues journalist. I wrote a lot of reviews of local bands music (local means Belgrade, Serbia) and not even one bad review. My attitude was not to waste time and space on bad music, than to promote good one. It will remain my approach until today.

When I was 20, I moved to Israel. I had just a few opportunities to perform in front of a small crowd and gradually my passion for music started to get expression in my large collection of CDs and mp3s and I became just a listener.

Sixteen years passed and I got a brilliant idea that became BeeFM, the social music experience, an online service that I invested my life into. In the bottom line, it was failure, but I met some great people on the road (and here Chris Windley deserves the special mention and thank you) and I learned a lot about the music industry, especially about the indie (i.e. independent) part of it.

Now we got to the reason I decided to start writing this blog. During the BeeFM period, Chris and I supported a few of dozens of emerging artists. Supported in terms of music marketing and technology. It gave us a serious insight to what musicians are coping with. Also, we developed our philosophy how music should be promoted. Now, when I started to make music by myself, I have an opportunity to use some of this knowledge. For me, it will be very interesting to feel the reality on my own skin.

To be honest, I got out from the BeeFM project very frustrated. I failed to create income for BeeFM. I saw very talented musicians that just gave up from various reasons, but mostly because they just didn’t manage to earn enough money for living. When I started to play, I decided that this must remain just a hobby for me, no matter how positive and encouraging feedback I get. You can imagine me now with very serious expression saying “I saw things”.

I saw things

I saw things

I will finish the introduction now, it became too long. I’ll just give you the first in the line of insights that you’ll read here: I know I shouldn’t write this blog. People today has no patience to read and if you are reading these lines, you are special. I should make videos for Facebook. It means videos with a written title and some of the text transcripted, since people are not clicking on the play button to hear the sound. Everything is instant today, so the only way to get millions of views without using cats and dogs is to make a video that draws attention without sound,,, which means that maybe, in spite of what I just said, you should use cats and dogs.

That’s is for now… just a few technical things left. You know that you can share, like and similar, you don’t need me to tell you this. I would just like to remind that you can also subscribe to this blog and get updates.

Have a great day!