After I introduced myself a little bit in the previous post, I’ll move on and try to figure out what would be efficient music marketing for me. Before I get practical here, it is important to me to say that this series of posts is not going to be a list of tips or some kind of guide. Though I have some experience in music marketing, I don’t think that someone who didn’t really make it big can give advices. it doesn’t mean that my writings are going to be useless, on contrary. I will share with you my thoughts and analysis that are based on knowledge and experience. I will share my marketing efforts and their results. That’s my part of the “deal”. You are invited to challenge what I’m saying, I’ll be more than happy to discuss issues in a way that will contribute to everybody. One more thing – you will not find motivational quotes here, I quite indifferent to them. If I need someone to motivate me, I’m arranging a long talk with myself or with one of my close friends, not with internet.

That’s it, expectations set!

One Step Further

During my work on online marketing with artists, I realised one, maybe the most important, thing. When it comes to reaching audience, online presence and online marketing in music has only one major goal – to support the “real life” activities. I can prove it quite simply, There is a long list of successful artist that have no or very reduced online presence, while there are just a few that “made it” only by using Internet at the beginning. On the other hand, when this tool called Internet is used properly, it can be very useful. So, it’s all about the right balance between the real and virtual life.

A year and a half ago I wrote my first new song. I was quite rusty in terms of playing and singing, but ideas bursted out of me and it filled me with satisfaction and will to share it with the World. Thus, I shared it with the World. My friends were surprised and supportive and feedback was good. Today you can find only the first song I published, a cover of Peter Green’s “Jumping at Shadows”. I removed the rest. Why? The performance is just too… not where I would like to see it. I feel I improved my abilities a lot since then. I’m not saying I’m good, probably I will never say such thing, but I’m better then back then.

Local Scene

When I decided to take my “career” one step further, it was clear to me that it means I need to start performing. I will never be able to touch people with my music if I hide behind the computer. I am not expecting to suddenly become a super star, even not a neighbourhood star, but every person that heard me live and liked my music is the base of the real fanbase (and by fanbase I mean people that enjoy my music, I’m not looking for more than that)

This is the point where the virtual side kicks in – after a gig, I want the audience to connect with me on social media. This is the best beginning of a beautiful relationship, to paraphrase the Casablanca movie most famous quote.

In this phase I am going to focus the local scene and I’ll try reach more people in the Tel Aviv area and eventually connect with them on Facebook too. It’s the first step.

Coming to perform at Tsuzamen

Coming to perform at Tsuzamen

Now I’m going to practice for my next gig at Tsuzamen bar. The place capacity is approximately 30 people and I would like to see it full. To make sure it happens, I’m going to run an ad campaign on Facebook, Though Facebook is very expensive, I don’t need too much exposure at the moment and the audience targeting should be effective, so the campaign will be short. I’ll share the results with you.

Feel free to comment, ask, discuss, whatever you find appropriate.