Tsuzamen Bar, the place that gives me an opportunity to start my music career, is a small bar in one of the most popular Tel Aviv streets. Its capacity is 30 people, though a few days ago more than 50 music fans managed to get in.

Let’s be honest for a moment and admit that 30 people isn’t a big number. Why am I so concerned if I’ll manage to attract this amount of audience.

The reason is in a decision I made a few days after my first gig was scheduled. After the first date was set, I was very (and I mean very, very, very!) happy. I started to call my friends to tell them what’s going on and to invite them to come to the gig. My excitement was contagious and people were positive. I kept talking about it and, fortunately for my social life, I quickly realised that it is OK to share my hobby with friends, but it shouldn’t become a burden, From that moment on, I talked about the gig only with a very few people and I decided not to remind the gig too much. At the end of the day, there were 15 people in the audience, most of them friends, others friends of friends.

I know that I can arrange a birthday party with 200 participants without investing too much effort. The thing is that my gigs are not a birthday party. I would like to see in the audience people that really want to see me perform, and don’t feel an obligation as friends. That’s the whole story.

See you tomorrow?