Exactly a week ago I had a gig at Tsuzamen Bar. Yes, the same gig I talked about a lot and prepared for it and was so keen to bring a lot of people and to give the best performance I can.

At the end, everything went very different than I expected. Before I get in details, let me just explain why it took me so long to write about the gig. Well, I’m not sure why, but I do think that it has something to do with the fact that I am very emotionally vested in my public performances. I didn’t touch my guitar for a week after the gig (though I did pay a visit to the open mic two days after the event and performed a few songs, will write about it in another post). I always feel exhausted after I perform. I know it’s not professional and probably it is the reason why I’m react this way. I am not a professional and I need to make an extra effort to sound decent, and by effort I mean both physical and emotional effort.

Now when we know why you had to wait for this report, let’s get back to the gig.


It was different. I really wanted to fill the place, but what happened is quite opposite. Only a few people came, all of them friends and friends of friends. When it was cleat that the place not just won’t be packed, than it’s going to be almost empty, I decided to pay respect to all those people that bothered to come and to give them the most intimate and soulful performance I can. I removed all barriers to my inner self, I dared and the music that came out was me, exposed. As an advice I heard a million times when I was an hi-tech entrepreneur, I turned disadvantage to opportunity.

I think the gig was great, in its own way. The audience said they enjoyed and I believe they weren’t just polite.

Unfortunately, due to a wrong choice of recording equipment, I can not share with you any song, but I think that the photo above somehow reflects the atmosphere of the gig.

Soon there will be another one. Still haven’t started the marketing of it, will do in a few days, so stay tuned.