Here it comes, the November gig. 28th November 2016, Tsuzamen Bar, Lilenblum 25, Tel Aviv, doors open 20:30.

I had quite intense month on my regular job, the one that provides. Though I had less time for playing than I would like to, still things moved forward in music. Two of my songs evolved, kind of by themselves. After a song is written, I keep on playing it over and over again. The goal is to get to the point where the technical side of the song becomes automatic and then the soul can get out. After a while, the small inconveniences in the song become disturbing and the feeling is that they must be handled, solved. I learned that it’s not useful to force the fix, it will come, alone, just keep on playing.

Daniel Fogel - 28.11.2016 Tsuzamen - On the Crossroads of Blues, Rock and Folk

Indeed it happened to “Regret Blues” and “Far Away”. There are no public recordings of those, don’t bother searching. Though both of them I really love and they are, what I call, journey songs with meaningful lyrics and atmospheric music, I didn’t feel comfortable to release them. Now it changed, after the recent changes I hope to perform them well and share them with you..

In addition, I rediscovered and recovered another song, “Brother Flower” by Towns Van Zandt. I really love this song and I think I perform it different enough from the original to be worth performing it. This song brought one of the dearest comments I got. “Probably because your version was the first one I heard, I like it more than the original”, my friend said. The uplift is hard to describe. I mumbled “no way,, Townes is the best, I can’t be better than him, but thank you!”. I was right, he is the best and I am not better than him, but I feel that my version has its place in the World. At least, it is good enough to make to you want to get to know Townes Van Zandt and his music.

As you can see, the November gig will be interesting. See you there!