Late December, especially if it is 31st, is a decent opportunity to summarize your life. At least it’s how it works with my life. It’s not that you can’t do it on any other occasion, but it’s more comfortable to do it when the Earth backs to the same point relative to the Sun as the last time we noticed that it even orbits┬áthe Sun.

So, 2016 was the year I decided to publicly perform. I talked about it a lot on this blog and you probably know how I feel about it, but when it comes to summarizing, some things inevitable will be said again.

When I think about the expected effect of my music, I don’t go too far. It sounds to be very pretentious to think it will change anything t the large scale. My hopes are more focused on spreading the word about something bigger than me, like Rock’n’Roll. Here are some options:

My music is like a tunnel, when at the end of it you go home and discover the “real thing”. No one in the audience ever admitted to me that following my music, he or she went and discovered Nick Cave, Johnny Cash or Leonard Cohen (RIP, the legend was taken away by 2016). I guess that even if it happened, it would be a little bit embarrassing to say out loud. It’s kind of weird, we all discovered somehow those giants and there was a time, before the discovery, we didn’t know who they are. Simple truth it is.

More possible scenario would be that my music reminded other music and caused someone from the audience to back home and listen to it. At least once it actually happened, someone drove home from my gig and played Deep Purple all the way, following “When the Blind Man Cries” I covered. I had mixed feeling about it. It is great to be a loop in the chain that leads to Deep Purple. On the other hand, the next options is the most desirable for any artist.

My music touched people. Hopefully, I don’t really know. It’s been said, but it’s hard to believe. Not that people are lying, more because people know that it will make me good. The good part is that even if someone felt that making me feel good is important, I’m grateful for it.

I’ll use this opportunity to share with you again “Circle”, one of my songs recorded live at Tsuzamen, so you can connect music to the words above:

Thanks to the music, I was lucky to meet a lot of great people in 2016. I won’t mention names, you know who you are and you know that I love you and respect you. Let’s keep on building our friendship next year.

Next year… Who knows? I’ll keep on playing and creating. You are invited to join me on my journey, it’s better together.

The most important is to be healthy and joyful. It’s what I wish to all of you!

Happy New Year!