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November Gig

Here it comes, the November gig. 28th November 2016, Tsuzamen Bar, Lilenblum 25, Tel Aviv, doors open 20:30. I had quite intense month on my regular job, the one that provides. Though I had less time for playing than I would like to, still things moved forward in music. Two of my songs evolved, kind…

So, How Was the Gig?

Exactly a week ago I had a gig at Tsuzamen Bar. Yes, the same gig I talked about a lot and prepared for it and was so keen to bring a lot of people and to give the best performance I can. At the end, everything went very different than I expected. Before I get…

Gig @Tsuzamen – 29th October 2016

Another gig at Tsuzamen is approaching! It is quite difficult to accurately tag my original music. As the name of the gig “On the Crossroads of Blues, Rock and Folk” says, they range from blues, through rock to folk rock, while mostly it can be said that all these genres are mixed in my music….